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13 September 2011

Nam Loong Ngam wooden structures, Perak

Nam Loong Ngam is a cave temple at Gunung Layang Layang in Perak. The hill is located east of Ipoh just past Tambun and Sunway City.

It was only one of two cave temples that I know of with wooden structures built on the cliff face - the other being Loong Tow Ngam at Gunung Lang.
2001 view

2008 view. Tung Wah Tong is the temple high on the left, and Nam Loong Ngam is on the right at lower level.

When I visited in 2008 there was a sign Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre on the gate, which had been replaced 3 years later. The display notice inside the cave says how Thrangu Rinpoche wants to have a Vajrayana retreat to practise dharma.

I don't know when Nam Loong Ngam was built but the wooden structures are quite special.

So I was dismayed to learn in Oct 2008 that there were plans to build a Tibetan style monastery right in front of this temple, which would destroy or at least obliterate the old wooden structures.
Impression of the new building.

Nam Loong Ngam or Southern Dragon was renamed to Nan Yang Koo Miau (sometime before Oct 2008).
2008 front view. Note the wire netting on the open parts, to keep out the monkeys.

The cave is gated.

It is not extensive. There is a tiny lower chamber, then wooden steps lead up to a small upper chamber

This chamber has a marble floor and some of the walls are painted. There are a few bats.

The back of the chamber has wooden floorboards. Drip water is channeled into containers and also a kitchen sink.

Going back down

A close up of the proposed building

When I next visited in Sept 2011 the wooden structures had gone and building work had started.

Without the wooden structure, there was a clear view of the rock face and the stals.

There is a pond next to the temple property. 2008 view and 2011 view

I also noticed a staircase to the left of the temple which I don't recall seeing before

Nam Loong Ngam register number Prk 43/03.

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