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4 July 2020

Tham Khao Pina graffiti, Trang

Southeast Asian Archaeology reported that Tham Khao Pina in Trang had been defaced by graffiti. The news had appeared in The Thaiger on 25 June 2020.

"Graffiti in historic Trang cave means public access restricted"

The cave is a popular place, located in a temple. It is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. But after it was reopened after the Covid-19 lockdown, the graffiti appeared. The monks were unable to remove it.
"The graffiti left on the cave wall features messages such as “Si Tao,” “Sor the unlucky,” and “F**k from Ubon Rachathani.”
One volunteer guide asked visitors to cooperate by keeping memories of the place “in their hearts, not their hands.”
Khao Pina cave is 250 metres high and has 6 levels that visitors can enter. The sixth level is engraved with the abbreviated name of King Rama VII to mark his visit in 1928."

Photos from The Thaiger report :

The source of The Thaiger article was Coconuts Bangkok. Their photo :
Volunteer guide Sathien Srikong and a monk from Wat Khao Pina stand inside Trang province’s Khao Pina Cave on Wednesday after it was defaced by vandals. Photo: Thai PBS / YouTube

 I went to Khao Pina Cave in January 1999 when visiting a few caves in Trang. In my diary I wrote :

"A temple cave marked on the tourist map. Almost deserted wat. We climbed up the various staircases, half way was a monk statue and a row of Buddhas. On up to the chamber at the top which was really big. Some nice white stal in the first part. There's a big Buddha looking out over the countryside. The main chamber had a few bats but no insects and very, very dusty underfoot. Electric strip tubes all the way through. Quite impressive. Remains of an old Dodge car at entrance. [This commemorates the first car to reach the cave]

Ni Pha Ya, who discovered the cave

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