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14 April 2008

Madai Caves, Sabah

resurgence entrance
Madai Caves in Sabah are famous for the collection of birds nests, as well as being an archaeological site. The collection of nests is controlled by the local Idahan community, who have held for rights to the cave for generations. I was there just before the collecting season started (July 2007) so there were no ladders to see. They collect the nests two times a year.
Archaeological remains dating to around 20,000 years have been found. There are two modern tombs of unknown people.
Madai is accessible from Lahad Datu or Tawau, and is near Kunak.

The village

 House in cave entrance


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6 April 2008

Canoeing in Than Bokkhorani Park, Krabi

Canoeing in Than Bokkhorani National Park, near Ao Luk, Krabi, Thailand.

These are some old photos I scanned from a day trip canoeing in the Than Bokkhorani National Park.
Ao Luk about 40km north of Krabi, is the jumping off point for Than Bokkhorani National Park. The main attraction of this park is its waterfalls and flora, but we had come for the riverine part, the ancient caves, petroglyphs and mangroves. We found our kayaks waiting for us at Bo Tho Pier.

It is a scenic place with the river and limestone hills.

a fish farm on the river
We were allocated canoes and set off, turning right from the jetty.

During the day we paddled through a few tunnel caves and went to see the famous petroglyphs in Tham Phi Hua To.  The first cave was Tham Lod, although this is quite a common cave name in Thailand!

There are many mangroves in this area

We went to see the famous petroglyphs in Tham Phi Hua To. It is also known as Big Headed Monster Cave. The paintings are said to be 2000-3000 years old and show people and animals. Many tourists come here, either by canoe or by long-tailed boat.

Paddling to another cave -
At the end of the day we visited the amazingly clear water near Thapom. The water emerges from a nearby spring.

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