sign in a cave in Laos

6 March 2018

Laang Spean archaeology, Battambang, Cambodia

The Khmer Times on 28 Feb 2018 announced that La’ang Spean or Cave of Bridges near Battambang would be excavated. This cave has already been well studied in the past.

Mentioned in the article is Heng Sophady, deputy director-general of the cultural heritage department at the Ministry of Culture. He joined us when we visited this cave as part of the 2008 caving expedition to Battambang. There are several photos of the cave on my page.

The Khmer Times article :

Ancient caves to be excavated and studied

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times 

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and Battambang provincial authorities are cooperating with a working group from France to excavate La’ang Spean, known as the Cave of Bridges, in Ratanak Mondul district.
Heng Sophady, deputy director-general of the cultural heritage department at the Ministry of Culture, said yesterday that this is the tenth time the government has worked with the French since 2009 to excavate and study the 70,000 year old caves.

“For the excavating this year, we have experts to help that came from France, China, and also some Cambodian archaeologist students have joined,” he said.
Mr Sophady said that the excavation of Laang Spean is important to study the activity of ancestors who lived in the caves thousands of years ago.
“Previously, we found that there were three periods in which people occupied the caves, and during the last excavation, we also found six graves,” he said, noting the graves were at least 3,000 years old.
He added that any discoveries made would be put on display at the Battambang provincial museum.
“We will also make a book documenting all the excavations and the discoveries made during them,” he added. “In 2020 our work will be complete and the book will allow everyone to see what we accomplished.”