sign in a cave in Laos

19 June 2010

Raub limestone hills being quarried

There are 3 limestone hills to the north of Raub - Serdam, Kechil and Panas. These are the start of a series of outcrops that extend up to Gua Musang. The Raub hills are only small, and 2 are being quarried, despite being important sites for snails and archaeological finds. In 1997 when I visited the Panas quarry wasn't in operation, although the hill had been quarried in the past.

The only caves I know are not very extensive, but I need to go and have a good look round.
Panas & Serdam -
Panas south end
Panas east side
northeast end of Panas
Panas east side
Poh Chan quarry
from southwest

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