sign in a cave in Laos

10 August 2010

some tourist sights in Perlis

During our caving expedition to Perlis, we did have some time off from caving to do tourist things.

I have been to Perlis many times for caving and know the area quite well, but it has been a few years since my last visit. I was surprised at the number of changes, such as new roads, more tourist facilities etc. There's a new market at the Wang Kelian border.

We were so close to the Thai border at Wang Kelian that I used to pop across to the Thai side for meals, and go to the duty free shop. I was amused to see lots of Thais every day buying large floor mats from the Malaysian side and taking them across to Thailand - these mats are made in China!

Wang Kelian market
Early morning in Perlis State Park -

The road is green and rubbish bins made from old tyres

Kaki Bukit fire station , but there are 3 bikes blocking -

Kaki Bukit temple

View from top of the hills

 Gua Kelam

new stairway to Kelam 2

adit entrance                                       

river exit to Kelam 2

 keep clean - but people dump rubbish

 Railway entrance to Kelam 2 -

 Going towards Wang Kelian (above)

 chickens going for a ride!
 Thorny tree
 park toilets

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Perlis caving expedition July 2010

In July 2010 I joined some British cavers from South Wales on a caving expedition to Perlis. The objective was to look for new caves and to survey them, and explore known ones that hadn't been mapped, and for one member to dive resurgences.

We stayed in Perlis State Park. Unfortunately we ran into problems with lack of permits as the situation has changed and you now need to obtain permits from 3 government departments in Putrajaya!

We did however find some new caves, and visited some I have already been to.

We were so close to the Thai border at Wang Kelian that I used to pop across to the Thai side for meals, and go to the duty free shop. It was monsoon season, which meant quite a lot of rain, and it was very cool at night.

See separate album of fauna seen during our stay, and some of the tourist sites we saw.

RM10,000 fine
Roots growing through rock -
Amorphophallus, elephant yam
old Landie
well laden
getting ready for Tasik Meranti road shaft
getting Tony into his harness
entering the cave and climbing down
Climbing down a ladder

Next cave is Wang Mengkuang 2. It is a tin mine, with clear water -
Peg used by miners
Tony looking into the sump -

bulbs left by miners
old pipes

Kaki Bukit Temple Cave, with 2 contrasting streams
Looking at the sink , what a mess

Goa Baba
Calcite flow -

Crossing a river to Wang Mu
Wang Mu entrance
New fish ponds
crossing a bridge
Resurgence at Wang Ulu
Testing the depth

There's a cave somewhere in this hill
Asking where the cave is

this boy offers to help
riding off..... walking to look for cave
......coming back

We later find it. Martin swimming in
Should I swim?
Getting ready to dive

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