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10 August 2010

some tourist sights in Perlis

During our caving expedition to Perlis, we did have some time off from caving to do tourist things.

I have been to Perlis many times for caving and know the area quite well, but it has been a few years since my last visit. I was surprised at the number of changes, such as new roads, more tourist facilities etc. There's a new market at the Wang Kelian border.

We were so close to the Thai border at Wang Kelian that I used to pop across to the Thai side for meals, and go to the duty free shop. I was amused to see lots of Thais every day buying large floor mats from the Malaysian side and taking them across to Thailand - these mats are made in China!

Wang Kelian market
Early morning in Perlis State Park -

The road is green and rubbish bins made from old tyres

Kaki Bukit fire station , but there are 3 bikes blocking -

Kaki Bukit temple

View from top of the hills

 Gua Kelam

new stairway to Kelam 2

adit entrance                                       

river exit to Kelam 2

 keep clean - but people dump rubbish

 Railway entrance to Kelam 2 -

 Going towards Wang Kelian (above)

 chickens going for a ride!
 Thorny tree
 park toilets

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  1. Good idea - save enviroment and money if do DIY but how.

  2. What a joke. The firemen are paid for holiday there.

  3. Interesting sight - I mean the lady - LOL

  4. These are found everywhere in Thailand, so it is interesting that Msia has just started copying - at least near the Thai border.