sign in a cave in Laos

28 October 2015

Tin dredge Tj Tualang, Perak

The tin dredge at Tanjung Tualang in Perak, Malaysia was open to the public for a few years, from 2008. I visited shortly after it opened for tours. It then closed in 2012 and there were fears that the dredge was sinking. Last time I saw it, in Aug 2015, the whole area was fenced off.

Over the years a lot of money had been poured into projects to try and save the dredge and restore it for tourism. In Oct 2015 a piece was published in NST saying a company had been entrusted to again restore it. See article in Ipoh World blog.

27 October 2015

Development at Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

I'm back in Krabi again. I'm in Ao Nang and it's been a year since I was last here. Each time I come there is more development, but it's still not too bad. However I notice they are now developing the areas by the hillsides.

One main feature of Ao Nang is the large limestone hill running parallel to the main road leading to Ao Nang beach. There is more development closer to this hill. And this means more roads cutting through the land. Google Earth image -

I always take more photos of the hill every time I come to Ao Nang! The view from my room -

The view from the beach -

3 October 2015

Liz in Malay Mail Sept 2015


See reprint from 2019  taken from Emily's blog.