sign in a cave in Laos

8 August 2010

Perlis cave fauna

Some of the creatures seen on my recent caving trip to Perlis.

It was rainy season, July, but there were less leeches than I expected. And sadly we saw no live snakes, just the dead one. As usual in this part of Perlis, I heard gibbons calling every morning but only managed to see them once when I went out early to track them. We did see some macaques and some dusky langurs, and one night a mouse deer ran in front of my car.
bat in flight
cave centipede
cave crab
Tree gecko with new tail growing
dead snake

monkey skeleton

monkey skull

cave spider

cave cricket


cave crab

cave toad

spider eating long legged centipede
leech feeding on my leg

macaque at Gua Kelam

half a scorpion

beetles mating
ant eating -
Beetle -

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  1. Which cave that you have been explored?

  2. Wow! So many interesting fauna!!!

  3. Caves that tourists don't go to! It was part of a caving expedition with cavers from UK.

  4. How well do you know the area? We looked at caves in Wang Ulu, Wang Mu, Bintong, Kurong Batang etc. But you need to get permits from the Forest Dept to enter any areas within FD or Perlis State Park land.

  5. I've relatives in Perlis, there should be no problem for me to enter, plus I have been to perlis since 15 years ago.