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18 September 2011

Myanmar - Kyauk Kan Latt lake pagoda

This is an impressive, isolated karst tower, surrounded by manmade lakes, with the impressive Zwegabin mountain as a backdrop.

It's located in Hpa An state, south of Hpa An town, on the way to Mawlamyine. The range of karst hills runs for a few kilometres south.

A causeway crosses the lakes to reach the remnant tower.

People feed the fish in the lake, which have become fat and lazy. There are lots of egrets, presumably feeding on the fish.

You can climb to the lower level, or waist of the tower.

There are stunning views of the mountains behind.
The range from the other side (above)
Shadow of the tower
Resident monk

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  1. Is there an explanation for the amazing shape?
  2. It's a remnant karst tower, meaning its a solid piece of limestone that has got left behind when the surrounding softer rock eroded over the millions of years.

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