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8 September 2011

Battambang caves 9 - Kpg Poi lake area Pt 1

As part of the Battambang caves expedition, we spent a couple of days caving near Kampong Poi lake. The lake was built by the Khmer Rouge and is now used to irrigate the rice fields.

We had earlier visited one hill before the lake.

We went past this hill and on to Kampong Poi dam and turned right and followed the lake, turning left at the end, and going to the wat at the foot of the hill.

There were rows of cycads (prong in Khmer) planted in the garden, they were collected from up on the hills. Cycads are often found on limestone areas.

For 2 hot and sweaty days, 2 monks took us to caves. The first cave, Laang Ampeau is basically a rock shelter, naga stairs lead down to the chamber. There is chert, and horizontal bedding.
We went up more stairs then cut across the hill. We looked at a pothole

The 2nd cave, La Ang Mombai, is 2 connecting shafts, about 9m deep. A young boy had joined us and he went down a thin pole into one shaft. The monks told him to go through to the connecting shaft. On the way back he damaged his head and one foot in the dark and started crying, so one monk had to go down and rescue him.

We went on and down to a Buddha cave, La Ang Chiray Preas,
Many people come here to see the monk. All the monks came in with us to see what we were doing.
There were a few bats at the end.

Next we went down the stairs to a lower cave, Laang Pech (Pich) or Gemstone Cave, also called Dragon or Elephant Cave. It’s a long chamber with a few bats, a nice crystal stal (hence the name),
There are lots of millipedes and I saw a large brown cricket.

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