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20 September 2011

Myanmar - Kaw Gon archaeological Cave

Kaw Gon (Kawgoon) Cave near Hpa An in Kayin state in south Myanmar is a well known Buddhist archaeological site. It is also known as Cave of the Ten Thousand Buddhas. It is located near the Salween River.
There is an entry fee of $3 for foreigners.

A rock shelter leads to a cave chamber, and the walls of the cliff are covered in clay tablets and other Buddha relics, dating back to the 7th century.

Some of these tablets are high on the cliff face.

There are reclining Buddhas in the cave chamber

and also another one in a separate outer building outside.

Local tourists

A cement factory has been accused of destroying antiquities at this cave.

See Kaw Gon on my Caves of Myanmar site.

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  1. That is interesting. I notice many temples are made in limestone caves all over asia.
  2. Yes its very common to use caves in Asia as temples. Even the famous Lourdes grotto in France is a Christian 'cave' site.

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