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20 September 2011

Myanmar - Kaw Ka Taung Cave, Hpa An, Kayin

This is a small Buddhist temple outside Hpa An, in Kayin state, southern Myanmar. As usual with Burmese names, the spelling varies according to the phonetics.

As with other temples, this cave has a line of stone monks outside.
The main entrance
nat with bull

row of Buddhas inside, and the main altars
Tablets on the wall
and a tortoise on the floor.

I was amused when a group came in and the resident monk played a tape of Christmas songs - quite incongruous in a Buddhist temple.

The cave is very short. A low passage leads to an end chamber
Outside is another monk with tilted head. In the grounds are other statues,

From Kaw Ka Taung, we went a few hundred metres along the cliff, following the stone monks,

and came to Padamyar or Ruby Cave. This was only " found" about 2002 and is still being developed.

Inside a large chamber contains a large seated Buddha but the chamber was full of dust and not good for photos. There is some chert in this cave.

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  1. Liz, many buddhists praise your posting on the world largest inclining Buddha. If possible I like to ask your permission to link this also. If OK please don't forget to un-save for everyone to view. A good buddhist practices open mindedness and christmas song is interesting and enjoyable.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Yes you may link to this one as well, its already available to everyone and not restricted. Thanks for asking permission.
  3. Thanks liz I am sure they will be delighted
  4. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures with Buddhist Travelers.

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