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6 September 2011

Battambang caves 8 - Banan area pt 3

The Banan area of Battambang, Cambodia has many caves. See other posts part 1 and part 2.

On the final day in this area, the teacher took us to an area to the right (west) of the main hill. 3 men and a dog joined us and we visited 5 caves, and the dog came in every cave.
Our guides

The first cave, Laang Roykun. It’s just one big chamber. In the entrance were 2 nice coloured drawings of Buddha, and also a rabbit, and then inside the cave, the teacher started to write his name and date on the wall in blue paint. I realised it was he who had drawn on of the Buddhas.

The school teacher carefully painted his name on the wall.
caving dog........... follow me

The next cave Laang Ptou is a tunnel through the hill
The dog waited patiently whilst we were surveying

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