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11 January 2012

Boat trip to Gua Kelawar, Langkawi, Malaysia

To get to Gua Kelawar on the main island of Langkawi you have to take a boat. There are around 100 islands in the Langkawi group off the coast of Kedah in northern Malaysia. They have been listed as a Geopark. The main island is called Langkawi and has a lot of limestone and caves.

Gua Kelawar is situated a tributary of the Kilim River. To reach this, it is a scenic journey by boat, past mangroves and limestone hills.

My friend Dr Ghani had arranged a boat for us

We started in a small stream which led to a bigger river.

On the main river

The limestone hills are quite majestic

There are many sea eagles and tourist boats feed them with scraps of chicken.

Some of the hills are round, others have pinnacles

See Gua Kelawar.

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