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11 January 2012

Gua Kelawar, Langkawi, Malaysia

Gua Kelawar or Bat Cave is a popular show cave on the holiday island of Langkawi, in Kedah, Malaysia.

To reach the cave you have to go by boat, and it is a very scenic journey.

As our boat headed up a tributary of the Kilim River, we could see a wooden boardwalk running alongside a cliff face and disappearing into a cave entrance.

A wooden jetty led to a shelter with an information board. The cave is actually a tunnel through the hill, and despite the large numbers of human visitors, is still home to a sizable colony of bats.

As soon as we entered the cave, we could hear the squeaks of the bats and the rustle of their wings. As far as I could see, the bats were all insect eating bats.

The population in Gua Kelawar wasn’t so big, and according to the locals there are less now than in previous years. Maybe the human visitors have taken their toll after all and the bats have moved to other quieter caves.

The cave was quite dry although I could see it would get wet in the rainy season. The boardwalk means visitors don’t have to step into the mud or the guano on the floor.

I saw a gecko that had lost its tail

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