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24 January 2012

Aerial views of Gunung Lanno and Rapat, Perak

In 2001 during the Lanno expedition we were able to hire a 4-seater plane and fly around Gunung Lanno. This gave us a good perspective of the hill from different angles.

We flew from Ipoh airport. First we passed Gunung Rapat and Terendum before reaching Lanno in a couple of minutes.

This is Gunung Rapat. The Kwan Yin temple is on the extreme left side of the hill

This is the area that leads into the wang with the chemical plant, and goes on to the back door of Kek Look Tong
This is a better view of the wang, and Kek Look Tong back garden is at the back of the photo.

This is the south end of Gunung Rapat

Gunung Terendum is the next hill. It is heavily quarried.
This Google Earth image shows the same view (the GE images are 2003)

This lake is by the road that runs between Terendum and Lanno

This is the lake that is in front of Gua Puncak, on the north (central) side of Lanno

The north end of Lanno has been quarried

This is the northwest side of Lanno that faces the road (and my friend's factory is the one with the red roof!)

We circled Lanno again and again, going clockwise from the top, and getting lower which each circle.

The Sg Raia which flows south down the west side of Lanno before turning west

NE end of Lanno

This is the area in front of Gua Puncak again

The hill is impressive with lots of wangs and valleys. We only saw one flooded wang, which is where the Thai Monk Cave is located.

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