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3 January 2012

Farm Cave (Kayon Cave), Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Farm Cave near Mawlamyine is one of Myanmar's best known caves. It was made famous in colonial times, when it attracted a lot of visitors. In those days Myanmar was called Burma.

I visited Farm Cave in 2009 during a caving expedition to southern Myanmar.

Farm Cave is also known as Kayone Gu (Ka-yon) or Payon Caves and is located in Kayon Hill just outside Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine (Moulmien) is the capital of the Mon state. This is Kayon Hill as seen from the road

This is the entrance to the main temple cave.

Steps lead up to the cave

At the top of the steps, a passage to the right runs along the cliff face and has lots of Buddhas

The main cave is 302m long and is full of Buddhas.
In cave temples in Myanmar you have to remove your shoes at the start of the temple compound.

As in other cave temples in Myanmar, the statues now have flashing LED lights.

There were a lot of visitors whilst we were there and they liked having their photo taken.

Looking down on the entrance area

There are several reports from the colonial days describing the fauna collections done in the 19th c. at Farm Caves. However these collections were presumably done at Saddan Cave which is further round the hill from the main temple cave. And photos of Saddan Cave on this blog.

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