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23 January 2012

Gua Bama & Sai, Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia

Gua Bama is a small limestone hill in the Kuala Lipis area of Pahang, Malaysia.

I visited the hill in Oct 2001. It is located near Kg Relong, about 10 km NW of K. Lipis.
A large opening can be seen from the distance.

There is a separate small hill at the north end.
Concrete steps go up through the valley separating the hills.
Gua Bama is a single high chamber, almost circular. It is an old archaeological dig site. There are lots of bats, as well as cockroaches and crickets.

This suspension bridge is near the waterworks.

We then drove round to Gua Sai

There are lots of bats

These peaks at Gua Sai have been damaged by quarrying.

Reading more recent blogs, it seems Gua Bama is a tourist attraction but has been neglected, and also has a lot of rubbish and graffiti.

Gua Bama register number Phg 15/01, Gua Sai Phg 16/01.

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