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2 January 2012

Vieng Phouka, Luang Nam Tha, Laos 2006, Pt 2

This is Part 2 of the caving expedition to Vieng Phouka in Luang Nam Tha, northern Laos, in Feb 2006. See Part 1.

Every time we went to a new area we stopped in the village to talk to the head man and get guides. This is a White Hmong village

We went to Tham Pasat Thia 1. Normally cave passages are large but this one had a small section

Each night after dinner the survey data was entered in the computer. The electricity was supplied by a generator for just a few hours each day.

Whilst waiting for us to finish caving, the guides kept themselves amused

A phallic stal!

We were watched as we walked to Tham Kuat

Tham Nam Eng is the biggest cave in the area and is used for ecotourism.

Black Hmong village
and our guide

Tham Pasat has a large entrance
graffiti in different languages
A bamboo ladder

See more on the people of Vieng Phouka , and bats.

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