sign in a cave in Laos

31 August 2007

Cave racer snake

                                                                         racer eating bat

The cave racer snake is found in some caves in Malaysia, although the same species, Elaphe taeniura, can also be found outside of caves. For more information see Caves of Malaysia.

Eating a bat -

 skin -

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  1. When I was young I used to visit the bat cave at Bukit Gantang where the cement factory is operating now and take one or two racers back to Taiping to scare the boys and girls. Am I naughty ?

  2. Yes, very naughty. Did you keep the snakes or return them to the cave?
    Imagine the snakes spend their whole life in the cave, then you take them out into bright sunlight. What did you feed them on, as normally they only eat bats. How long did they survive?

    I don't know Bukit Gantang . Where is it? Is it near Padang Rengas, cos I don't know of any other caves in that area. Am curius to know for my records.

  3. Near Padang Rengas. Blasted by the cement factory long time ago. At that age it was just for fun. Don't know anything about anything. Just let go at the fringe of the jungle.

  4. OMG................

    but, is there any snake in totally-black-zone cave ??

  5. Yes, the snakes are quite happy living in total darkness. They have adapted well to life in total blackness. Bats live in total darkness and therefore snakes live there as they feed on bats. I've seen the cave racer far inside caves.
    But don't worry, the cave racers are NOT poisonous and will not harm humans. If you see one, please do not harm it, as it won't hurt you.