sign in a cave in Laos

23 August 2007

Lenggong, caves, waterfalls & Batu Kurau trip

On this trip, Jan, Aric and I stayed in Lenggong town, and checked out some of the archaeological caves.
Gua Badak -

 Gua Gunung Runtuh, home of Perak Man
The Perak river near Bukit Jawa, Lenggong
We then went onto a deer farm near Lenggong, and then to Lata Puteh falls. We managed to climb almost to the top of the falls.
Lata Puteh -

After we washed off in the Lata Tebing Tinggi falls.

On the way back we stopped at Batu Kurau and Jan had his hair cut in a cliffside barber shop.

We also visited the Bat Cave.

See also Jan's photos.

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