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23 August 2007

Saparua caves - Maluku

Saparua is a small island off the coast of Ambon, in Maluku (The Moluccas), Indonesia. Known as the Spice Islands, you can still see spices such as nutmeg and clove growing in Maluku.

These are the cave photos I took on Saparua.

The first cave was at Ouw. Locals use this cave to do their laundry by the light of smokey kerosine lamps -

Driving across the island we passed a roadside cave -

The next  cave we visited was Goa Puteri Tujuh .

We then went on to Goa Mandi and Goa Minum. These caves are next to each other, and as the names suggest, one is used for washing, the other is used as a source of drinking water.
Goa Mandi -

Goa Minum -

 The water is pumped up to the tank

Some sea caves seen from the ferry from Saparua to Ambon

See also my other albums on Saparua (non cave) and Ambon and Seram and Sawai and Akohi Cave and parrot rehabilitation centre.

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