sign in a cave in Laos

30 October 2007

Gomantong Cave photos

Gomantong Caves in Sabah are famous for the birds nest collection, as well as the sheer size of the caves.



 swiftlet eaten by cockroaches
walking in guano

back entrance

guano mountain made famous by David Attenborough 

looking to main entrance 
cockroach eating bat

© Liz Price
No reproduction without permission


  1. I know what it's like walking on guano. Not very pleasant isn't it ? All these are expected. I admire your guts. Interesting photos. Thank you.

  2. Actually we weren't just walking on guano, we were doing a research project which meant digging 2m deep holes in the guano.

  3. What project ? And what do you find ?

  4. I was guiding a postdoc researcher from a UK Uni who is studying climatic changes through ancient guano - ancient being around 10,000 years. So he had to dig down through the guano layers, down to about 2m or deeper if the guano was deeper,and take samples every few cm.

  5. Are any of you not shocked that cockroaches are eating bats and birds??? Like, hello, bats and birds eat insects not the other way around! (So I thought)