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15 April 2012

Nui Kim Son, Marble Mountains, Vietnam

Nui Kim Son (Metal or Gold) is across the road from Nui Hoa Son (Fire). These are two of the five Marble Mountains at Da Nang in central Vietnam.

The first cave we visited on Nui Kim Son was Dong Quan Am. There was construction work going on outside (July 2011).

A very young monk with an interesting hair cut!

Steps lead down to a small entrance.

Passage leads to a smallish chamber with a large fenced stalactite, which was just cm from the floor.

A passage leads onto a chamber with a few bats, muddy floor and a small pool or sump. Saw a couple of Huntsmen and a whip spider.

Entrance has chert vertically down the wall.

Further along the road is another cave, Tam Thanh. A gated archway leads to a chamber open to the sky, although it is more like a rock shelter. There are insect eating bats hanging in semi dark and 2 Thai style Buddhas and a couple of other statues.

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Expedition results are published in Karst and Caves of South Vietnam, Part 1: Provinces of Kien Giang, An Giang and Da Nang. Michael Laumanns (editor). Published by Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte (BHB), Volume 43 , 2011 . To order, contact me or see BHB 2011.

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