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9 April 2012

Gua Tempurung fauna

I've been going to Gua Tempurung for years. In the days before it was a show cave, it was easy to see lots of fauna on the walls, especially in Top of the World below Rolls Royce garage.

Nowadays there is far less fauna there. Also on my most recent visit in March 2012 there seemed to be less bats generally throughout the cave - and I was caving in areas off the show cave route.

The cave has one "claim to fame" in that it has a trapdooor spider named after it, Lipthistius tempurung.

I have not taken many fauna photos, despite having visited Gue Tempurung many times.


whip spider


cricket feeding on a dead bat


I rarely see scorpions in Malaysian caves. See more on my webpage.

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  1. Hye.. Sorry for disturbing you. I just wanna to get a permission from you that I want to take one of your picture whish is whipe spider to be use on my poster about species fauna in cave..

    1. Who are you and where are you from? And what is the poster for?