sign in a cave in Laos

4 April 2012

Gua Tempurung graffiti

When does graffiti become 'historical'? Some of the graffiti in Gua Tempurung was done by the Communists when they used the cave as a hide out. In some places, early explorers wrote their names and where they were from.

Now that Gua Tempurung is a show cave, there should, in theory, be no more graffiti placed in the cave. Proper control by the cave guides should ensure this. However there seems to be a lack of control, as can be seen by the recent graffiti, as well as the rubbish.

Recent graffiti by UTAR, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is sad that university students do this.

New graffiti above the drawings of the cars made by the Communists

And more modern stuff above the 1960 explorers names

© Liz Price
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