sign in a cave in Laos

11 December 2011

Gua Kelawar, Sg Siput, Perak

Gua Kelawar is a nice cave, it is an archaeological site, though better known for its charcoal orang asli drawings as well as the beautiful formations inside.

Walking to the cave

I first visited the cave in 1992, and surveyed the cave in 1993 with some German cavers. In those days the land in front of the cave was planted with tapoica and the entrance was easy to see from afar. Today it is hidden by trees.
1992 and 2011 views of the entrance, and below, looking out of the entrance in 1992

From the entrance, a ladder leads up into the main cave

Kelawar means bat, but there are not very many in the cave

The chambers inside are quite large and full of spectacular formations - stalagmites, stalactites, curtains, gours, helictites. And the stal come in various colours.

This chamber was very dusty

Such a pity about this red sign and graffiti. I am always amazed that people bother to carry paint into a cave in order to do graffiti

Some fine helictites

Many of the formations have been broken. But it is good to see that some are regrowing, showing the cave is still alive.

Please take note and remember - if you ever visit caves, please DO NOT touch the cave formations and DO NOT break them. They take thousands of years to form, and can be broken in seconds.

Gua Kelawar register number Prk 50/02.

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