sign in a cave in Laos

6 December 2011

Bira area, south Sulawesi

During the 1994 English caving expedition to Sulawesi in Indonesia, after caving in Tanah Toraja, we drove south and visited Gua Mampu which is the longest cave in south Sulawesi.

We then drove on to Bira, which is at the very southeast tip of Sulawesi. This area reminded me of the Burren in Ireland, with big black limestone rocks, which looked volcanic.

We asked locals about caves and were told of Gua Janggut in the hill behind Bira Beach. Janggut means beard, and I wondered if the locals gave the cave this name cos of Tony Jarratt's beard!!! JRat is sitting in front centre

It is a through cave. The entrance chamber is full of very soft guano. Inside are birds nests - not the edible variety as some had blue string in them.

A climb leads up and out to the other entrance.

Outside the cave is a collection of shells, presumably a midden.

Bira Beach

We then went on to Ara, which is about 14 km north of Bira along the east coast. We went to the beach park and walked along the track to Gua Passohara. This is basically a large collapsed chamber going down to a clear pool. It looked great with the sun shining on it.
The 2 Tonys went for a swim

Looking into the cave

The caving team

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