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14 December 2011

Gua Gong, Pacitan, Java, Indonesia

Gua Gong is a spectacular show cave in the Pacitan area of central Java, Indonesia.

Other show caves in the Pacitan area are Gua Tabunhan and Gua Song Terus.

Gua Gong is a popular tourist site and has a large car park. There is an entry fee

A long series of steps lined with stalls lead up to the cave entrance.

Inside the cave a small entrance passage leads to large chambers which are full of stal
As we went through into the large area I wondered what the noise was and then saw some large fans, to help ventilate the cave

This photo IS the right way up, but shows stals that have fallen

This stal has green alga growth from the lights

Cave rules!


A piece in the Jakarta Post 10 Nov 2014, "Pacitan’s magnificent Goa Gong".

© Liz Price
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