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13 July 2008

Battambang Caves 4 - Kampong Poi area 2008

Kampong Poi (Puoy) is reached by taking the only junction when driving from Sampeu towards Sdao, on the road to the border town of Pailin. The area is famous for its large manmade lake.

The villagers grow rice and peanuts. Rice drying -

We went to one small cave where a monk exhausted his English saying "how do you do".

short and tall
 The cave had interesting bedding -
We had a look at a nearby quarry -

We then asked the locals for caves

Then a load of kids took us up a steep hill to 2 tiny caves, one of which was packed full of bats so we didn't enter. There was an awful stench of almost pure ammonia.

  lingga bases -

 everyone out -
 the bat cave

free tailed bat

 going down -

 Looking back at the cliff - it looks a long way

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