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13 July 2008

Battambang Caves 3 - Crocodile Hill, Phnom Krapoeu 2008

Phnom Krapoeu seen from Sampeu
Another area we looked at was to the north of the main road from Battambang to Pailin, at the hills opposite Phnom Sampeu.

The biggest hill is Phnom Krapoeu, Crocodile Mountain, where the Khmer Rouge hung out, and threw shells at the government troops on Phnom Sampeu. Much of this area still hadn't been de-mined on my 2004 visit. A smaller hill is Chicken Hill.
Phnom Krapoeu -

Wat Kantoy

 street scene outside the wat

 View to Sampeu -

 Procession of monks with begging bowls

Wat Truang Muang -
 black statue

 and his protector

 Entrance ladder into the cave and at the bottom was this striped kukri snake

In the wat -
 6 m deep covered shaft

Chicken hill ?


On the very last caving day, we went back to the Vipassana Centre which we had tried to get to earlier, and were shown one 37m long cave which had been artificially opened, probably for the calcite crystals. Vipassana Centre  -
Calcite cave -

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