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13 July 2008

Battambang Caves 2 - Sdao area 2008

This area is beyond Phnom Sampeu, on the main road No 10 to the Thai border. The main village is Sdao, in Rattanak Mondol district. We went here the first 2 days of the expedition. There were 3 of us, plus 2 guys from official departments, and then we picked up 2 men from a local office as well as an armed policeman, and each day we acquired a local guide - so that meant 6 locals for 3 of us (not including our driver).

 entrance with monks bed


 fungi on wood

 archaeological find
 our armed guard

 Laang Spean is a well known archaeological cave -

 natural rock bridge -

 ice lorry

 The second day -

 trees inside the cave

 whip spider

 so many roots


On the penultimate caving day, we went to an area past Banan, also in Rattanak Mondol district, at Kampong Kol. Only one cave there, a mere 37m long. First there were negotiations about the car price and where to go -

asking for caves
 no family violence
 asking directions
 the road
 guide's house

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