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4 March 2015

Gua Naga Mas is now a temple cave

Whilst I was looking around the industrial estate surrounding the southern end of Gunung Lanno, I noticed there were flags up on top of Gunung Pua. The main reason I had gone there was to see the
at the small hill next to Gunung Pua (where Gua Naga Mas is located), as it is being quarried. It is the southern end of that hill that is being quarried, right next to Gunung Pua.

I went to investigate the flags and found a new temple. It is called the Erawan Shrine Cave.

There is a large car park, which is lined by shrines housing individual deities - Chinese, Thai Buddhist and Hindu. And there is a separate Erawan shrine It seems it only opened - or at least had a ceremony, in Oct 2014.

It was midday on a really hot day so I had no intention of climbing the stairs to the top of the hill.

The cave is now gated and fenced off, with a large area outside with flooring and seats. The cave used to be a 'house' and was packed full of 'rubbish/recyclables'. Now it has been turned into a shrine with new flooring.

There are now concrete steps leading up to Gua Naga Mas. The main chamber has a few statues (Buddhist, Chinese and Hindu) and flags. Luckily the side chamber with the fossil bones hasn't been touched.

The views from the cave have changed considerably over the years. 2004 and 2008 there was still plenty of greenery

but this had changed by 2015

I wonder if the temple will help to save the hill, considering the one immediately next to it is being quarried.

[Apparently there is a replica of the Naga Mas fossil in the museum at Putra Jaya. A short video on youtube.]

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