sign in a cave in Laos

3 March 2015

Another Perak limestone hill being quarried, near Lanno

In Feb 2015 I noticed the small hill immediately north of Gunung Pua was being quarried. This hill is unnamed, and is Prk 11 on my register and No 35 in the MNS 1991 report.

The hill used to be totally covered with vegetation. Now the quarried side is clearly visible from the old trunk road. On the east side is Gopeng Kalsium (GK). This whole area is being taken over by a huge industrial estate.

Here are some scenes from Google Earth over the years, you can see the increase in development in the area.

2015 view where the quarrying can clearly be seen on the right side


2 small caves have been revealed

Hill from east side

A video I posted on YouTube -

I went back on 21 March and there wasn't much change, just a flatter top from 28 Feb -

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