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12 November 2013

Merapoh villagers petition against cement plant

There was a meeting with YB Dato' Sharkar, Exco for Tourism, on Monday 11 Nov, 11.30 am at MNS HQ, for the representatives from the Merapoh villagers to hand in their petition against the proposed cement plant.

Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin is the Culture and Tourism Committee chairman for the Pahang government state executive council (exco).

The meeting lasted almost 2½ hours. Right at the beginning Dato' Sharkar said the cement plant had been stopped by Exco. But this is only verbal, there is nothing in writing.
MNS Pres Prof Maketab (left), Datuk Sharkar (right)

MNS gave a slide show on their work around the country including Pahang and rest of the meeting mostly focused on other sites in Pahang, in particular Cameron Highlands and Tasik Chini, as well as other places.

Little was actually said about Merapoh. Ruth Kiew from FRIM brought up the matter of orchids being collected from Merapoh, presumably by orang asli. The idea of an orchid farm/garden was discussed as well as having high end tourism to see the plants in situ.

Sabri from Merapoh said they could set up a 'caving school'. I said they first have to consider  conservation, as although the caves might be saved from quarrying, you don't want to spoil them by taking in large groups of students and other visitors before there is any protection. It needs to be planned out.

At the end of the meeting, the villagers handed their petition to Dato' Sharkar -

Attendees included MNS, FRIM, MYCAT, as well as RTM and The Star.
See previous blog on the cement plant.


According to MNS Prof Dr. Maketab Mohamed, 13 Nov 2013


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