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12 November 2013

Cement & clinker plant at Merapoh won't go ahead

The idea of a cement and clinker plant in Merapoh has existed since at least 1996. Merapoh is in northern Pahang in Malaysia and there are many limestone hills and caves - see my blogs on Merapoh.

In the past no one objected to the idea of the plant.  I have these press cuttings from 1996 -

There was a consortium of groups involved. Now the project is under ASN (Asn Cement Pte. Ltd.). And there is a lot of protest against the plant.

slide by MNS HQ Nov 2013

However following the meeting on 11th Nov 2013 at MNS HQ with Datuk Sharkar, the latter told us that the proposed cement plant has been cancelled.

This is excellent news and a great success to all those who helped in the fight against it.

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