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25 September 2012

Merapoh 2012 - pt 7, Gua Hari Malaysia

We found Gua Hari Malaysia on 16th and explored it as far as the first waterfall. On the next day the Croatians started to survey it and put bolts on the waterfalls so they could be safely climbed using handlines. They also reached the end of the cave

On the 18th, the final day of the expedition, the entire team returned to the cave. Walking to the cave
The Malaysian team
Waiting to climb the first waterfall
The 2nd waterfall
The camera doesn't like the water -
We reach the water slide
Stals on a 45 degree ledge
We reach the upper entrance, the sink
The 2 smurfs

We immediately started walking upstream to see the source of the water.
It looked as if we were in an enormous wang, i.e. totally surrounded by hills, although it was difficult to see with all the trees. But then we found more large bones, so I would guess this area is not entirely surrounded by hills.

The Malaysian team before ready to re-enter the cave
We had a speedy exit through the cave, taking just 35 mins. The cave is approx 880 m long, with 5 waterfalls (2 needing a handline) and cascades.
Back at the entrance.

A great end to the Merapoh 2012 expedition.

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  1. Subhanallah, binaan alam yang menakjubkan.

    Saya google 'gua hari malaysia' selepas membaca tentangnya di Utusan online. ;)

  2. Yes it was mentioned in Utusan online.