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25 September 2012

Merapoh 2012 - pt 2

On the 2nd day, 12 Sept, of the Croatia Malaysia caving expedition to Merapoh, we all went to Gua Telok Gunung. I had actually been here before, in 1996.

However I had forgotten the steep climb up the gully to reach the cave.
The cave is impressive because of its size. There are several very large chambers. The first chamber
There are some nice formations
And a photo from 1996

As we drove out to the road we stopped to look at a new cave, Gua Cebok. It was a river cave and looked promising - but disappointly ended after a few tens of metres. Looking in and out of the entrance -

Our 3rd cave of the day was Gua Kalong. This cave is an almost straight tunnel. Eventually the passage decreases in size and ends in a crawl. A very nice cave, with bats, and black banding on the walls and some chert.
There is apparently only one side passage but it doesn't go very far.
Gua Kalong


Gua Telok Gunung register number Phg 41/01.

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