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29 July 2012

Lenggong Museum geology park

After visiting the Lenggong Museum in July 2012, we then went outside to see the geology park. The huge sign board was very hard to read with orange writing on a blue and grey picture.
The park is set in oil palm plantation, on a hill with a series of steps and slopes. These looked as if they could get slippery if allowed to get covered in algae and the metal handrails got very hot in the sun. Thankfully there was some shade.

The park has various examples of large rocks such as quartz, alluvium, volcanic ash from Toba, suevite, and the Lawin Basin deposits. The English is rather poor on many of the descriptions and there are factual errors.
Quartz above, and alluvium below
Volcanic ash from Toba above, and suevite below.

Deposits from Lawin basin

The path then leads on up hill to the huge observation tower. It has 4 floors and there are nice views over the surroundings, although the palm trees do block a lot of view. The tower seems to be unnecessarily big.
On the way back down through the park are rocks of granite, Lawin tuff, limestone, quartzite and quartz.
Lawin tuff (above), limestone (below)
quartzite (above) and quartz (below)

Looking back up. This slope was already slippery, will be dangerous when wet!

We then had a look at a newish building which covers a dig. The site was fenced off and there was no sign board. It seems as if a new path is being constructed to this area, which is simply called tapak ekskavasi.

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