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11 July 2012

Goa Lalay, Pelabuhan Ratu, Java

Goa Lalay or Bat Cave, is a small cave, about 4.5 km south of Pelabuhan Ratu, on the south coast of West Java, Indonesia.
It is a small cave with a large colony of bats, famous for the evening bat flight. The main bat cave is fenced off, this is from where the bats emerge each night. Entrance fee to watch was Rp1000 in 2002.

I went in a small neighbouring cave which seemed to be just one chamber with some tunnels leading off, but I had no torch. There was lava like sand on the floor.

There are 4 caves here, one is used as a meditation cave. Seems to be an old sea cave complex.

Lalay is bat in Sundanese language.

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