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13 November 2011

Tham Erawan, Looei, Thailand

Tham Erawan in Looei province is one of the most famous caves in eastern Thailand. It is located high in a prominent karst tower and the entrance with a seated Buddha is visible from a great distance.

First views of the cave from the main road

The cave is located off Road 210 which runs eastwards from Wang Saphung towards Udon Thani. It is just inside the Looei border and is north of Wang Thong. It is shown on tourist maps and is well signposted.
On the road to the cave
At the car park

Over 600 steps and slopes have to be climbed to reach the cave. There are great views over the surrounding plain. The big Buddha is seated looking out from the entrance. These photos were taken in 2004, the Buddha has since been painted in a gold colour.

The cave is huge. The sloping main chamber is about 170 m long, 20-30 m wide and 40-50 m high. There are a few very large stalagmites.
Luckily there was some electric lighting as I had left my torch in the car. Looking back to the entrance
The cave and the views were impressive and it was worth the effort of the climb.

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