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16 November 2011

Thai Buddhas in cave temples in Perak

The state of Perak in Malaysia has an abundance of limestone hills and many of these hills are home to cave temples. The majority of temples are Chinese containing Buddha and other statues.

In the last few years I have noticed an increased change towards Buddhas in Thai style. It seems to be the latest trend. Several of the temples also have Thai monks in residence.

Here are a few of the Thai Buddha temples.

24 m high Tibetan Buddha at the Jingang Jing She temple.

Buddhas at the Trumcitta Vipassana temple at Gunung Bercham.

Gua Bahagia at Gunung Lang, also known as Fook Pou Tong or Cave of Happiness.

Lang Forest at Gunung Lang

Wat Puthanimittam at Gunung Ginting is not actually a cave temple but it is located on a limestone hill

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