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31 August 2016

British tourist dies in Gua Mampu, Sulawesi

I went to Gua Mampu in south Sulawesi in 1994. The cave is located in a hill in Bone regency.

We didn't survey the cave as the French  “Association Pyrénéenne de Spéléologie (APS)” had been there 2 years earlier.

In 2016 a British tourist died in the cave. This report is taken from The Jakarta Post, 30 August.

British tourist found dead inside cave in S.Sulawesi

British tourist found dead inside cave in S.SulawesiDangerous beauty -- A tourist takes a picture inside Mampu Cave in Cabbeng village, Bone regency, South Sulawesi. (
A British man has been found dead inside Mampu Cave in Cabbeng village, Bone regency, South Sulawesi.
Bone Police criminal investigation unit head Adj. Comr. Hardjoko said on Tuesday that the cave’s administrator reported the discovery of the UK citizen, identified as Stephen David Miller, 55, at around 4:30 p.m. local time on Monday but he was not removed from the location until 8:00 p.m.
He said it was suspected that the tourist had died after falling in the cave as he had extensive injuries to his limbs, head and abdomen.
“It is probable he fell while he was attempting to climb the wall of the cave. He wasn’t using either climbing equipment or safety tools and the walls of the cave are steep and slippery,” said Hardjoko.
He added that Miller reportedly went to Mampu Cave alone at around 10:00 a.m. Two cave guides, Ansar bin Siri and Sirajudin, had offered him assistance in exploring the cave but the victim rejected these offers and chose to explore the cave alone.
“It was getting dark at 4:00 p.m. and the victim had not yet come out of the cave so the guides decided to search for him. They found him lying face downward and dead, around 500 meters from the mouth of the cave,” said Hardjoko.
A UK passport was found in the victim’s trouser pocket. His body is currently being held at Tenriawaru Regional General Hospital in Bone while awaiting confirmation from the immigration office in Makassar. (ebf)

News about the inquest was published in the media in mid January.
See Bristol Post 18 Jan and Mirror

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