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9 August 2014

Pigeons at Gunung Kanthan

There are a lot of pigeons on the southeast end of Gunung Kanthan, especially in the area by the fish ponds and the Chinese temple. And the numbers of pigeons seem to be increasing.

Gunung Kanthan is the northernmost limestone hill in the Kinta Valley, Perak, Malaysia and is being quarried by Lafarge, (see the various blogs by searching the labels).

The floor around the base of the hill near the Zhi Nan Gong (red) temple is covered with pigeon guano and the stench is quite strong. There are also lots of feathers and eggs on the floor. Apart from the numerous pigeons here, there are also a lot roosting in and around the entrance to Gua Kanthan. The entrance slope into the cave is also covered with eggs and feathers and guano,


Pigeons, aka rock pigeons, roost on cliffs and rock ledges, so Gunung Kanthan is a natural home for them. I don't know why they are especially abundant on this hill.

On 8 August 2014 there was an interesting article in the Daily Mail (UK) about pigeons at a cave in Gibraltar, "Neanderthals loved roast pigeon! 70,000-year-old charred bones reveal barbecue bird was a favourite caveman delicacy".

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