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7 May 2014

Gua Bahagia cave temple, Gunung Lang, Perak

The name of this cave temple in Perak is written in several languages. Cave of Happiness, Gua Bahagia, Fook Phu Tong as well as Indian and Chinese characters. It is also known as Wat Phupa Rattanawarararm.

It is a Thai style temple, one of many springing up in the Ipoh area.

It is located just north of Ipoh, on the southwest side of Gunung Lang. Access is off Jln Kuala Kangsar, and there are signboards.

My first visit was in Oct 2008 and the place was painted in bright yellow. This has since faded.


There is no apparent cave.The temple is built along the cliff face in a rock shelter. The first shrine on the left is a Hindu one
this was the 2008 version that was in front of the vihara -
The main area consists of a row of Thai style Buddhas with altars in front -

Luang Phor Tuad on left, Ajahn Toh on right

 This one is new since 2008

 Next is a whole selection of Chinese figures

note the extra power sockets in the 2014 photo above compared to 2008 below

There is also a small resurgence which is interesting. I wonder if there is any cave passage behind

In the centre is a strange wall with lots of fruit 'money boxes'

I don't know who this figure is

100 baht notes!
the donation board
a tiny cave chamber with Phra Lersi statue

Outside a new hall is under construction -

There were a lot of rock thrush on the cliff

 Gua Bahagia register number Prk 29/13.

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