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27 April 2014

Batu Kurau update 2014

In July 2012 I did a blog on the barber shop at Batu Kurau in Perak. This shop is built right along the limestone rock face.

The names can be confusing, as the rock is called Batu Kurau and is located at Anak Kurau which is about 6 km from Batu Kurau town!

I was back at Batu Kurau in April 2014 so took some more photos. There have been quite a few changes.

Firstly a large new school has been built on the paddy fields between Batu Kurau town and Anak Kurau.

Major work is being done at the Sg Kurau. This river flows alongside the rock face and there used to be thick vegetation between the water and the cliff. Now it is all cleared and the river bank seems to be widened

View looking downstream across the road -

New kampong sign

Riverside café and cave

The amount of graffiti has increased. This one says River Side Café
The motor bike and PAS sign were there in my 2007 photos

but these seem to be 'new' pieces -

The barber shop has been painted since my last visit. I don't know if it is still used as it was closed and there were no signs

Some of the  houses in the village were also painted with this pink paint!
Batu Kurau register number Prk 59/01.

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