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4 March 2014

Shapes of lava tube caves in Vietnam

The lava tube caves we explored in the Dong Nai province of south Vietnam in  Feb 2014 were generally not very extensive. Having said that, the expedition in 2013 found the longest lava cave in SE Asia, Hang Doi 1 Km 123, at 437 m. It continues the other side of the depression and that cave is 112 m. If these are considered to be one cave, then the length would be 549 m. However, lava tube specialists count the caves as being separate.

There are many small volcanoes in this area. Generally they are quite small hills with flat tops, the  volcano cones are heavily eroded. The resulting lava streams between Tan Phu and Dinh Quan are extensive and cover several square kilometers.

There are numerous lava tube caves, accessible through roof collapses. The cave passages were formed quite close to the surface, hence the numerous roof collapses.  This means the caves have been dissected and are short.

Most of the caves are of characteristic oval shape.

Most of the entrances were very small, as a result of the roof collapse forming a mass of breakdown

 This entrance was blocked by thick bamboo
This was one of the bigger entrances -

Typical passage shapes -

Views of the roof -

And some "lavatites"

rich colours

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