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8 February 2014

Gunung Kanthan 2014 media & www reports

In 2013 I made several posts about Gunung Kanthan and Gua Kanthan in Perak, Malaysia. This important hill and cave system are in danger of being quarried by Lafarge. The hill is important as it is home to several rare species of flora and fauna, and Gua Kanthan is a large cave with endemic cave fauna. There are other caves on the hill as well as several temples. See the posts by looking for keywords (Kanthan gua, Kanthan gunung, Lafarge, quarry, liphistius) in the 'labels' in the column on the right of the page.

One blog from Sept 2013 listed various web sites and media reports relating to Kanthan, see the blog here. For 2014, I will now continue this list here...............

The Star, 8 Feb 2014
Cement plant staff spruces up octogenarian's home

The Star, 8 Feb 2014
New flora and fauna species found

AsiaOne 8 Feb 2014 (reprinted from The Star)
New flora and fauna species found in Malaysia

WildSingapore blog , 8 Feb 2014 (taken from The Star)
Malaysia: new flora and fauna species found

The Star, 8 Feb 2014
Perak hills open to destruction, say experts

The Star, 9 Feb 2014
Conserve rest of Gunung Kanthan

The GreenReporter blog , 11 Feb 2014
(reprint of The Star 8 Feb)

The Star, 2 March 2014
FRIM comes under threat  

(Among the media recognised by FRIM were The Star journalists Tan Cheng Li and Isabelle Lai for their respective reports last year on Merapoh, Pahang, and Gunung Kanthan, Perak)

The Star, 5 May 2014
Illegal use of limestone caves must be stopped, says Dr Zambry

(This rather one sided article was the result of a meeting with Lafarge and the Perak MB on 30 Apr)

Oriental Daily, 27 May 2014
Half year of research, endangered species found in Gunung Kanthan

Oriental Daily , 7 July 2014
(400 million years old Gunung Kanthan rare species found)

Sinar Harian , 28 May 2014
Jumpa spesies flora, fauna Gunung Kanthan  

New Straits Times , 29 May 2014
Rare finds at Gunung Kanthan  

The Star , 29 May 2014
‘Preserve all of Gunung Kanthan’

MNS blog 6 Jan 2014
Save Gunung Kanthan

Mongabay , 24 Aug 2014
Scientists name new endangered species after the company that will decide its fate

The Guardian , UK , 25 Aug 2014
A tiny, rare snail in Malaysia has big consequences for global cement giant

The Epoch Times, 26 Aug,
"Tiny Endangered Snail Named for Company". 27 Aug,
"New species of snail discovered in Lafarge Malaysia limestone quarry".

Global Cement on 28 Aug,
"Future of Charopa lafargei snail in hands of Lafarge Malaysia".

Espandar Cement News ,
"Future of Charopa lafargei snail in hands of Lafarge Malaysia".

Novataxa BlogSpot on 24 Aug,
"[Mollusca • 2014] ‘Charopa’ lafargei • A New, presumed narrowly Endemic Species (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Charopidae) from Peninsular Malaysia".

The Star , 30 Aug 2014
New snail species found

Ipoh Echo, No 197, 16-30 Sept
New Snail Species Discovered In Kinta Valley 
Phytotaxa 177 (3) 29 Aug 2014
Three new species from Gunung Kanthan, a limestone tower karst in Perak, Malaysia.

Global Trees (Sept 2014)
Vatica kanthanensis

Malay Mail, 2 Sept
In Ipoh, rare snail named after cement giant is safe, says French quarry company

The Star , 12 Sept 2014
Bloom is of a new species of plant discovered on Gunung Kanthan 

Descent , Oct/Nov 2014 , No 240
Snail slows quarrying

The Guardian , 17 Nov 2014
IUCNred list of endangered species. Red List: the world's most threatened species –interactive. 

More than 22,000 species feature in conservationists’ ‘under threat’ list. 

My blog page

The Guardian , 17 Nov 2014
Cement company blows up limestone hill and renders snail extinct

The Star , 22 Nov 2014
A Malaysian snail goes extinct with 22,000+ other species on the brink 

The Star , 22 Dec 2014
Going, going, gone: Malaysia's wildlife loses battle against extinction

The Star , 30 Dec 2014
TheYearThatWas: Distressing environmental issues in Malaysia in 2014

Mongabay , 20 Dec 2014
Pictures: the top new animal discoveries of 2014 [Kanthan snail] 

Cave & Karst Science , (BCRA) Dec 2014
An uncertain future for the plants of Gunung Kanthan, Perak, Malaysia

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