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4 July 2013

Lafarge quarry & cement company at Gunung Kanthan

Since April 2013 when I heard about the possible destruction by quarrying of Gua Kanthan, I have been concerned both about the cave, and its most important inhabitant, Liphistius kanthan. The hill is being quarried by Lafarge.

Gua Kanthan is the largest known cave in Gunung Kanthan, which is near Chemor, north of Ipoh, in Perak, Malaysia. Many parts of the hill have already been quarried. Pan Malaysia Cement Works Bhd (PMCW) started in 1964, they became Associated Pan Malaysia Cement Sdn Bhd (APMC) in 1967. The Lafarge group took over in 2001 and the company name officially changed from Malayan Cement Berhad to Lafarge Malayan Cement Berhad in 2003.

The company name was officially changed from Lafarge Malayan Cement Berhad to Lafarge Malaysia Berhad on 27 May 2013 to better reflect the corporate identity and branding as a member of the Lafarge Group of Companies and the alignment of its cement, concrete and aggregates businesses.

Lafarge prides itself on its "Green Initiative" and it has won awards for this and its sustainability approach. On its www it says "It is about safeguarding the world we live in. At Lafarge Malaysia, we believe that innovation is not just about enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in our products.  As a Group, we are committed to protecting in four main fronts: stop climate change; preservation of biodiversity; conservation of natural resources; and to develop innovative approaches that promote a better respect for the environment."

Lets hope they remember this and do not destroy the cave and its "critically endangered" Liphistius kanthan trapdoor spider.


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